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rsz_careers_st_gregs_web8Helping to inspire the workforce of the future.

We will organise for a range of employers from various industries to come into your school on an assigned day, for a morning to talk to your children about Careers.

They will set up an exhibition stand in the school hall and then answer questions from small groups of children about their career and their organisation. Our Employer Partners are recruited from an extensive and diverse range of occupations making each event bespoke and unique to your school.

If required we can come into school prior to the event and brief teachers and pupils about the event to guarantee everyone - pupils and the employers get the most out of this exciting insight into the 'World of Work.'

Benefits to the children

  • broadens awareness of career paths. 
  • raises future aspirations.
  • encourages independant enquiry.
  • enhances communication skills
  • promotes positive interaction
  • builds confidence.

 "A wide range of careers represented and extremely interesting for the children, particularly as the event helped raise aspirations, boost levels of confidence and develop communication skills within the year group. A very worthwhile morning!"

Mrs Gregg - Year 6 Teacher
Halewood Primary

 "The Children were very enthusiastic and asked some very searching questions that made me think! It shows that even at this early age, they are considering their future and are excited about work."

Steve Thomas
Direct Line Group

"A well organised worthwhile initiative and a postitive experience. Delightful children. It's always a joy to attend these events."

Colin Blundell                                                                                                   American Airlines


For more information please call The Primary Team on 0151 298 9454 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .