Primary Calendar - March 2016

 Date  School  Event    Year Group
 Enterprise Workshops
 Wednesday 8th March  Kensington Primary  Cobblers  6
 Thursday 9th March  The Trinity Catholic Primary
 Marketing Magic
 Thursday 9th March  The Trinity Catholic Primary  Battle of the Bands
 Careers Carousels
 Monday 6th March  Holy Trinity Catholic Primary  Careers Prep  6
 Monday 6th March  Broad Square Primary  Careers Prep  5
 Monday 6th March  Leamington Primary  Careers Prep  6
 Tuesday 7th March  Northway Primary  Careers Prep  6
 Friday 10th March  Heygreen Primary  Careers Prep  5/6
 Monday 13th March  St Marie's Catholic Primary  Careers Prep  6
 Monday 13th March  St Anne's Catholic Primary  Careers Prep  6
 Wednesday 15th March  Croxteth Primary  Careers Prep  6
 Thursday16th March   Our Lady & St Philomena's Catholic Primary  Careers Prep  5
 Thursday 16th March   Brackenwood Primary  Careers Prep  6
 Friday 17th March  Faith Primary  Careers Prep  5/6
 Friday 17th March  Sacred Heart Catholic Primary  Careers Prep  6
 Monday 20th March  Holy Trinity Catholic Primary  Careers Carousel  6
 Tuesday 21st March  Northway Primary  Careers Carousel 6
 Wednesday 22nd March  Leamington Primary  Careers Carousel 6
 Thursday 23rd March  Broad Square Primary  Careers Carousel 5
 Friday 24th March  Heygreen Primary  Careers Carousel  6
 Friday 24th March  St Patrick's Catholic Primary  Careers Prep  6
 Monday 27th March  St Marie's Catholic Primary  Careers Carousel  6
 Tuesday 28th March  Brackenwood Primary  Careers Carousel 6
 Wednesday 29th March  Brackenwood Primary  Careers Carousel 6
 Thursday 30th March  Croxteth Primary  Careers Carousel 6
 Friday 31st March  Faith Primary  Careers Carousel 5/6












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